As I amass way to much data e.g. microscopy images (light to e-) to radiographs and CT scans, it is somewhat important to get quick access to your data from other computers.

So flent is the only logical tool for me to test my network throughtput.

Here is quick setup guide to get flent running on ubuntu 16.04.xx

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

git clone
cd netperf
sudo apt install texinfo
sudo apt install iperf
sudo apt-get install automake
sudo apt install autoconf
apt install python-pip
pip install netlib
pip install cpp

autoconf > configure
sudo chmod 755 configure
./configure --enable-demo
make install

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tohojo/flent
sudo apt update
sudo apt install flent

flent rrul -p all_scaled -l 10 -H -t zwck-shaper_on_800Mbit -o RRUL_Test001_bufferbloat-shaper_on_800Mbit.png